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Vermont Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

ADAP is Vermont's Department of Health's Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs and their mission is to help the people in Vermont prevent and eliminate the problems that are caused by alcohol and other drug use. Drug and alcohol prevention and education is very important in Vermont, the abuse of street drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs affects everyone and prevention is taken very seriously in their state.

Prescription drug abuse is increasing throughout the state of Vermont. Pharmaceutical drugs are the fastest growing area of use and addiction in Vermont and are becoming a major problem among their youth and young adults. Prescription drugs aren't just abused by the youth and young adults in Vermont though; people in all age groups misuse them.

For the sixth year in a row according to the Burlington Free Press, in 2010 prescription opiates accounted for over half the total of fatal drug overdoses in the state of Vermont. Vermont takes this serious and has a Prescription Monitoring System that helps track the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances, drugs that are most likely to lead to abuse, addiction or patient harm if they not used properly.

  • Vermont Alcoholism

    Studies in the past have shown that the rate of underage drinking is high especially in the high school level in Vermont so they took action. Vermont has developed a statewide taskforce on underage drinking called START which stands for Stop Teen Alcohol Risk Team to reduce underage drinking and the community responses have reduced youth access to alcohol, teen highway fatalities, rural drinking parties and also reduced adult sanctioning of youth alcohol use. With community wide efforts Vermont works hard to reduce underage drinking in their state.

    The Department of Health Services in Vermont provides their residents with an online personal alcohol screening so they can confidentially see if their drinking patterns are safe, risky or harmful.

  • Vermont Cocaine Addiction

    Cocaine is a street drug that's easy to find in Vermont and is widely abused. Fortunately the availability of crack cocaine is limited throughout the state. Many of the traffickers of cocaine in Vermont are Caucasians and the drug is obtained from sources in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. Vermont provides their citizens with education, prevention and effective treatment programs in order to prevent the abuse of drugs like cocaine and to help those that do, receive the help and support they need to recover.

  • Vermont Heroin Addiction

    Heroin is easy to find in the state of Vermont and according to a Fox 44 news report last year, the use of heroin is on the rise. Heroin is a powerful addictive drug that's taken over and destroyed many lives throughout the United States. Heroin use not only leads to addiction but the abuse of this drug can lead to accidental overdose and death as well. Vermont provides a wide range of treatment programs to help heroin and other opiate drug users in their state receive the help they need to overcome their addiction and remain drug free.

  • Vermont Marijuana Addiction

    Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug throughout the United States and is used by people in all age groups. Marijuana is a common drug of choice among illicit drug users in Vermont and can be easily obtained throughout the state. Some of the marijuana that comes into the state of Vermont comes from Canada but is also brought into their state with the use of vehicles from the southwestern United States.

    In July of 2004 the medical use of cannabis became legal for those suffering from the effects of a debilitating medical condition as long as it is done in compliance with 18 V.S.A. Chapter 86.

  • Vermont Ecstasy Addiction

    Ecstasy is among the club drugs that many young people use recreationally when partying, attending concerts and dance clubs and the abuse of this drug takes place in many areas throughout the U.S. Ecstasy can be easily obtained in Vermont in some areas and threatens the well-being of those who use the drug.

  • Vermont Methamphetamine Addiction

    Methamphetamine fortunately isn't a big problem in the state of Vermont. This may be partially due to the fact that they provide their citizens with helpful information and facts about the serious dangers associated with methamphetamine use. Vermont not only provides their citizens meth prevention information but effective treatment and support for anyone in need of help if they do have a problem with methamphetamine use.

There are many treatment centers in the state of Vermont that provide effective programs and services to help their residents overcome their use of alcohol, prescription drugs and other drugs of abuse. Unfortunately there are still many people living in the state of Vermont that are in need of help and treatment for their use of alcohol and tobacco and for drug addiction.

Henkel Adult Dependence Therapy

Newfane, VT. 05345
Phone: (802) 221-4687

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Coleman Gambling Help

Thetford, VT. 05075
Phone: (802) 428-4698

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Wayman Alcohol Rehab Center

Burlington, VT. 05401
Phone: (802) 428-4694

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Calhoun Cocaine Intervention & Recovery

Canaan, VT. 05903
Phone: (802) 277-3346

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