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Don't let fear and apprehensions keep you from getting the help you need to stop using cocaine and heal from addiction. It's understandable that the thought of getting help and detoxing from drugs like cocaine is scary. Most people are apprehensive when it comes to withdrawal symptoms that are experienced and this is part of the reason they don't seek help. We don't want that to be the reason a person avoids getting help because we know there's happiness and life after addiction. It may not seem possible in the beginning, but with the right help and support life without the use of drugs like cocaine is achievable.

We're an outpatient cocaine detox and recovery center that provides our clients with medication assisted detoxification which makes detoxing from cocaine less uncomfortable. Our clients are treated with understanding and compassion during recovery because overcoming cocaine addiction isn't easy. Some of our staff has been there and knows firsthand what addiction is like, recovery takes time, patience and hard work and we're here to help our clients every step of the way.

We make sure in the beginning that outpatient detox and treatment is an appropriate setting for our clients. Chronic cocaine addiction is very serious and there are many health issues involved due to frequent repeated abuse. If a client is in need of a more intense form of cocaine treatment and requires inpatient care, we can help place them in a residential treatment center that best fits their needs.

Our programs are based on the clients own specific needs providing individualized treatment which includes Intensive Behavioral Therapies, Counseling, Group Therapy and After Care Counseling. Our programs include evidence based therapies that promote long-term success.

During recovery from cocaine addiction positive healthy support is crucial and we recommend all of our clients to seek support from fellowship programs like Narcotics Anonymous. With group support our clients are able to connect with others who share the same recovery goal which is to 'stay clean'. Many changes have to take place in a person's social life when recovering from addiction and NA is a way of meeting new people who will help strengthen a person's recovery, not challenge it.

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