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It's common for a person with a gambling problem not to seek help until they're ready to lose something very important in their life like a spouse or a loved one due to their compulsive behavior. For some it takes someone special in their life to walk away first, before they agree to find help. Denial and dishonesty are the biggest reasons relationships suffer from a loved one's gambling addiction. Not that the financial aspect doesn't matter but money can be replaced sometimes, trust and respect isn't always that easy to regain.

We provide counseling for problem gamblers to help them break their denial and take responsibility for their addiction. We understand that there's more to problem gambling than meets the eye sometimes and together we identify problems and develop solutions that helps our clients stop their destructive gambling behavior.

Don't wait until you're about to lose it all, the sooner you receive help for gambling addiction the sooner you can start rebuilding your life. Ask yourself these simple questions and if some or all of them relate to you, pick up the phone and call.

  1. Has your gambling behavior gotten out of control and you're no longer able cope?
  2. Due to uncontrollable gambling has it affected your relationship with a loved one?
  3. Has your compulsive gambling affected you financially?
  4. Have you been dishonest and lied in order to hide your gambling behavior?
  5. Do you continue to gamble even though you know it's affecting your life in a negative way?
  6. When you hit something good do you have a strong urge to return as soon as possible?
  7. Do you spend money that's supposed to be used on other important necessities?
  8. Have you ever borrowed money to gamble with?
  9. Does your recreation, happiness and life center around gambling?
  10. Do you feel guilty after you gamble knowing you need to stop?
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