Hyams Outpatient Heroin Therapy

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Today the abuse of heroin affects the lives of thousands of people who are now in need of treatment because of the effects this powerful drug has had on their life. When a person is recovering from heroin addiction it takes a lot of work on their part to remain abstinent and there are many challenges during their recovery that makes is difficult sometimes. We provide support, guidance and the skills needed to help our clients successfully maintain their abstinence from heroin use as they work on their recovery.

Many of our clients are receiving treatment for their heroin addiction and are in need of further counseling to help them and their families or loved ones recover as well. Some of our clients are families who have lost a loved one from heroin addiction and are in need of guidance in order to understand and cope with their loss. Addiction doesn't just destroy the user it cripples the family and loved ones as well.

Our therapists are professionally skilled in addiction and recovery and are dedicated to helping heroin addicts and their loved ones heal from this disease and rebuild their lives and family unit. We provide therapy for young and older adults and their families and have successfully done so for over 10 years. If you or someone you know is struggling with heroin addiction and are in need of help and support during recovery, our staff is here mornings, afternoons and evenings 6 days a week waiting to take your call.

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